Construction and Installation

Offshore FPSO Upgrade and Maintenance SupportConstruction of wide range of facilities in the allied industries. This includes but not limited to the followings works


Procurement, construction including but not limited to onshore / offshore systems: Industrial and High Rise Building, Tank Farm constructions, Steel Jackets and Platforms, turbine shelters, workshop, pipe racks, steel piles and sheet piling, Bond wall and Pad Foundation/skid and Drainages

We also construct roads, embankment and other relevant civil works. 

Mechanical/ Piping

Our mechanical and piping works include but are not limited to

*Procurement, Construction and installation of Rotary and Static equipment(Pumps, Compressors, Pressure Vessels etc.)

*Topside Process Piping, construction in Onshore, Swamp and Offshore Location.

*General Facilities/fitting welding fabrication, NDT testing, Pneumatic / hydrostatic tests, purging (Commissioning), etc.

*Revamping maintenance works

Instrumentation and Control

Installation, calibration and troubleshooting of devices and systems 

Electrical Power System:

Fabrication, Installation, cable routing, testing and troubleshooting of devices and systems

Earthing and Lightning Protection design and implementation, testing and troubleshooting of earthing and lightning protection systems.

Construction of electrical panels, Main panel, Vital Service Panel, Emergency Servise Panel, Essential Service Panel and etc.

Cathodic Protection Systems:

Implementation, commissioning and troubleshooting of devices and systems.

Plant Commissioning and Start – Up

Gas Treatment Plant Modules InstallationPiping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control pre-commissioning and pneumatic pressure tests, purging and drying of process and service lines and vessels, mechanical completion of equipment, electrical / instrumentation and control commissioning and start-up plan and procedure, as-built documentations and close-out reports.